Ah, the versatile Lemon. Again using our versatility and unique processing methods, we can turn the humble Lemon into pastes, emulsions, powders that can be used for cosmetics/nutraceutical/fish related products and flavourings etc


Luxury, no dairy, no sugar, chocolate that even the most difficult palate will rejoice in? We can incorporate any flavouring extract you require into a range of LCHF/Banting and diabetic friendly products – you choose the shape and the taste.


No boasting but we are probably the world leaders in chilli sauce manufacturing for example. With our proprietary method, we have removed the need for added fermentation & therefore our products are suitable for the HALAL market.


Forming the basis of pretty much every convenience food, we use the WHOLE onion – skins and all. We produce a luxuriant and flowable emulsion rich in goodness, yet at the fraction of cost of normal manufacturing methods.


Leaders of a range of Low Carb High Fat ingredients and pre-mixes sold under license to a number of South African labels and also exploring international representation


This is one of the most difficult vegetables to process but is included in many foods. Using DCD® we can quickly qprocess the ENTIRE vegetable into a molecular fine emulsion, rich in nutrition. Benefits – no waste, increased yields and nutrition – for less